About us

We are a medium sized investment company Egycom "Egyptian company for technological industries" founded be Eng. Abdel Rahman El Malky, applied for the constitutional law no. 8 in 1997. We are located in 15 May city, 1st industrial zone, Egypt. and we are establishing a new branch in the second industrial zone.

We are dedicated in metal machining & metal forming. We supply reputable companies with annual production lines with machined parts and sheet metal components. Some of these names are Miraco Carrier, General Motor Cars & local companies with high reputation in the Middle East.
We are supplying companies in fields such car making, Air conditioning, furnaces, cooks, and most of durable products.

تشغيل وتشكيل معادن
CNC منتجات خراطة أوتوماتيكية وخراطة بماكينات
منتجات صاج وإسطمبات
سوست بجميع المقاسات
دراسات جدوى لمنتجات جديدة
خراطة وفرايز CNC عدد ماكينات
أجود المنتجات و أفضل الأسعار

New Products

We now Supply Cutting Tools and Tool Holders for Lathes & Mill Machines... more